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For a smooth, high-quality and time-saving dental treatment process, the laboratory doing the prosthetic work and the clinic being under one roof is key. This saves not only the patient’s time but also the expenses.

Professional dental hygiene

This is one of the most important preventive measures to help protect Your teeth and gums from possible changes.

Professional dental hygiene entails:

Removing hard and soft dental plaque

Removing tartar

Removing pigment spots, stains caused by colored foods

Polishing tooth surfaces

Application of therapeutic preparations

Teeth whitening

This cosmetic dental care procedure is performed to improve the aesthetic appeal of the teeth. Applies both to whitening a group of teeth and all teeth.

Methods of whitening:

BEYOND system

Whitening trays

Dental prosthetics

It is the restoration of tooth tissue and occlusion.

Dental restoration methods used for prosthetics:





Therapeutic dental treatment

Therapeutic dental treatment

It is the application of preventive and curative measures to stop the spread of caries and to restore caries-caused hard tissue defects.

Procedures performed:

Treatment of tooth caries

Tooth filling

Treatment of root canals

Replacement of poor quality fillings

Aesthetic dental filling

Restoration of broken teeth


Aesthetic filling

One of the easiest and fastest ways to enjoy an aesthetically appealing smile.

Aesthetic dental filling is performed:

After cracking of the tooth / teeth

In case of old/poor quality fillings in the front teeth

In case of caries-damaged front teeth

To restore worn tooth biting edges

To adjust the shape of the front teeth

Orthodontic treatment

It is a treatment that straightens teeth and corrects almost all occlusal problems.

Orthodontic treatments:



Orthodontic plates