Professional dental hygiene

The patient did not have any serious complaints about the condition of her teeth and came for a professional dental hygiene procedure. We can see a lot of pigmented plaque on the inside of the teeth – it’s accumulation is promoted by frequent foods/drinks containing natural and artificial colors, e.g. coffee and tea.

Plaque is highlighted in pink by a special dye tablet. Near the gums, where the color is more intense, the accumulation is older. It is very important to thoroughly brush this plaque away every day, because it provides a medium for pathogenic microorganisms to accumulate, which in turn promote the demineralization of enamel and the development of gingivitis.


A young patient who loves green tea. In case of frequent drinkers of various teas, we can notice a brown-gray pigment on the surface of their teeth, especially in the interdental areas. The accumulated pigment itself is not harmful, but it does diminish the aesthetic appeal of the smile. To enjoy whiter teeth once more, a gentle polishing of the teeth using the Air-Flow method is used, during which the pigmented coating is simply washed away by a spray of soda pearls/glycine powder and water. It’s completely painless!

Sandra Čepulkauskienė

Dental hygienist, director of clinical operations