About Us

Beauty is inseparable from health. Not only shining eyes and stylish clothes, but also a healthy smile is a guarantee of self-confidence and beauty. We do have to take care of the condition of our mouth and teeth every day. Careful individual dental hygiene and dutifulness in caring for teeth will help preserve them for life.

Sandra Čepulkauskienė

Dental hygienist, clinic director

My main goal is to familiarize people with the inner workings of dental services in a simple way. Before choosing a dentist, it is important to understand what the whole team is made of and how it was formed. Indeed, many people are oblivious to the fact that (in our estimate) various production stages of prosthetic works take up as much as 94 % of total time spent on a patient’s case while the work of a dentist throughout the treatment is only 6 %. Thus, the longevity of the prosthesis or other restorations depends to a major extent on the dental laboratory and the specialists working there. I believe that in order to ensure the quality of dental prosthetics for a patient, the dental clinic and laboratory must be one unit. Essential benefits the patient receives from this are the all-round quality guarantees from one source.

Karolis Čepulkauskas

Dental technician, laboratory director

Dantų Estetika: Dental Care Can Be Fun!

Dantų Estetika is a team of the most caring dentists, implantologists, dental

technicians and dental hygiene specialists. We ensure that only the strongest experts take care of Your healthy, beautiful smile. From the first call to a detailed check-up after a successful treatment, the strive to deliver an amiable and excellent experience. 

Prior to the visit, a person usually chooses a doctor based on recommendations that only describe his social skills and other trivial details.

 Before visiting a specialist, a person often chooses a doctor based on recommendations that only describe his social skills and other trivial details. We believe that it is much more important to know what the team is made of in terms of professional competences it brings to the table.


Thus, our team is formed of people who genuinely appreciate the dental crafts. Our core strength is the laboratory working hand in hand with the clinic, allowing us to be responsible for and in control of the all-round treatment results.


It is worth entrusting teeth both big and small to this team because it:

  • knows that the best way to avoid problems is prevention. The clinic hosts educational events on dental care, open to everyone, even those only in process of sprouting their first teeth.
  • makes sure that the meetings are accompanied only by good impressions. During the procedures, babies can watch their favorite cartoons, enjoy gifts, seniors and adults can listen to music or engage in other enjoyable activities.
  • saves You time.  Dantų Estetika consists of a clinic and a laboratory, so the services are performed promptly. If You are coming from another city, You can stay in the apartments above the clinic and use the services of a driver.
  • form a clear, detailed treatment plan. After the first visit, You will know when and what procedure should be performed. 
  • On a daily basis strives to preserve instead of invasively altering. When complex treatments are needed, every effort is made to spare and protect the surviving

A smile is a gift that requires care
A smile can only bring joy if we take care of it on a daily basis. Prevent Your and Your children’s dental risks today – contact Dantų Estetika team and discover reliable ways to maintain a healthy, charming smile.