Surgical services are needed when we want to preserve existing teeth and soft tissues, stabilize the spread of periodontal disease.

In the past, the prevailing opinion was that as a person ages, it is normal for teeth to become loose, protruding and eventually to fall out. But at the time, only a few experts tried exploring the reasons for this phenomenon and how to avoid it. In comparison, the accumulated knowledge and possibilities of present-day medicine allow us to prevent or stabilize the development of periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the soft (gums, periodontal ligaments) and hard (bone) tissues surrounding the tooth – an infection of pathological bacteria that may form deep gingival pockets, cause gum inflammation, bleeding or even pain. The most common cause of periodontitis is dental plaque and the bacteria it contains. In the later stages of periodontitis, it may be necessary to perform gum pocket reduction procedures called patch surgery, or gum curettage, to stop the disease from spreading.

During the patch surgery, the gum layer is removed, inflammatory tissues, subcutaneous stones are cleared out, the root surface is smoothed and antibacterial agents are applied. After such a procedure, when the gums heal, the depth of the pockets, the symptoms of inflammation, and the amount of pathogenic bacteria all decrease.

In the early stages of periodontitis, it may be sufficient to perform only gum curettage. During this procedure, granules are removed from the gum pockets, the root surfaces are smoothed, and the bacterial biofilm is destroyed.

In order for the treatment to be successful, it is very important to take extremely thorough care of Your teeth at home and to perform a professional dental hygiene procedures on a regular basis. Only by working in tandem can dentist and patient achieve long-lasting treatment results.

S. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual mouth care instruction FREE
2 Tooth extraction 40-109 Eur
3 Removal of a wisdom tooth 56-140 Eur
4 Bone augmentation 303-704 Eur
5 Deciduous tooth extraction 23 Eur
6 Patch surgery (single tooth) 54-66 Eur
7 Smile line correction 76 Eur
8 Gingivectomy (single tooth) 44 Eur
9 Curettage (single tooth) 28 Eur
10 Crown extension surgery (single tooth) 90 Eur
11 Lip band grafting 66 Eur
12 Vestibular deepening procedure 154 Eur
13 Open sinus lift 703-1114 Eur
14 Closed sinus lift 204-512 Eur
15 Alveolar filling with bone substitute 204-313 Eur
16 Conservative treatment of peri-implant 70 Eur
17 Surgical treatment of peri-implant 130 Eur
18 Tooth root resection (without retrograde filling) 190 Eur
19 Gum recession grafting with graft from the palate, 1 tooth 320 Eur

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