Therapeutic dental treatment (filling)

Therapeutic dental treatment is the prophylaxis and curative measures to prevent/stop the spread of caries as well as restore the hard tissue defects caused by it. Otherwise, this process is also called filling.

Caries is probably the most common dental disease. During it, the acids in the dental plaque break down the tooth enamel, causing it to demineralize. In other words, the enamel begins to fade. This results in the formation of a carious cavity, which can cause tooth sensitivity, pain or, in the case of a severe infection in the root canal, even swelling of the soft tissues (gums).

The following procedures are performed in the clinic Dantų Estetika:

  • treatment of tooth caries,
  • Tooth filling,
  • treatment of root canals,
  • replacement of poor quality fillings,
  • aesthetic dental filling,
  • restoration of broken teeth.
  • To make fillings last longer:

To make seals last longer:

  • Over time, the force of the bite wears the fillings, causing cracks. Even the smallest micro-crack is a great medium for accumulation of bacteria that can cause so-called secondary caries. To prevent this, it is important to see an dental hygienist or dentist regularly. During the visit, the dentist evaluates the old fillings and polishes them, extending their life-time this way.
  • You should see a dentist every 6 to 12 months, depending on Your dental condition.
  • The quality of the filling itself is very important –    a good indicator of it is the fineness of it’s constituting particles. The filling, which contains nanoparticles, remains aesthetically pleasing for longer and polishes better, thus reducing the risk of secondary caries.
  • Careful and proper individual dental hygiene also affects the longevity of the filling. Properly selected toothbrushes and toothpastes, dilligent cleaning are the most important aspects to having a healthy and radiant smile.

    Important to know

    We pay special attention to therapeutic dental techniques and materials. Our clinic uses the most innovative seals from the manufacturer Micerium Enamel. They are chosen for their ease of use, which saves You time and the perfect result. These seals are durable and aesthetically pleasing – a time-tested solution.