Dreaming of whiter teeth? 

The specialists of our clinic can make these dreams come true.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure performed to obtain the desired tooth color. All or individual teeth can be whitened. 

When is the procedure recommended:

  • To brighten dark teeth.
  • Before aesthetic filling or prosthetics procedures.

Teeth whitening methods in our clinic:

The Beyond system is a type of whitening procedure where a halogen lamp emitting soft but intense light is used – it is characterized by exceptional safety and fast whitening results.

Advantages of the Beyond whitening system:

  • Fast result – the procedure only takes up to 1.5 hours. 
  • Lesser tooth sensitivity than other clinical whitening procedures, because the Beyond lamp stays cold throughout the process and does not heat the tooth surface.
  • Long-lasting teeth whiteness – even after a while the teeth do not become as dark as they were before the whitening procedure.
  • Safety – The optical filter protects teeth and nearby oral tissues from harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays.

How teeth whitening with “Beyond” system works:

  • First, the gums are covered with a protective material. 
  • The teeth are then treated with a whitening agent – a gel, which, when exposed to thecold blue light of a Beyond lamp, activates the oxygen in the tooth. This cleans not only the surface but also the slag from the internal tooth structure, thus brightening the teeth.

Teeth whitening with trays is a simple and effective at-home method. If You choose this option for teeth whitening, Your dental impressions will be taken at the clinic and individual whitening trays will be produced. After being instructed by a doctor, You will be able to do teeth whitening yourself at home. 

Advantages of tray whitening:

  • Studies show that teeth whitening in healthy patients is completely safe.
  • The whitening agent does not change the structure of the natural tooth and adjacent tissues.
  • The process only takes 10-14 days.

How to use the whitening tray:

  • The tray should be filled with a special whitening gel every afternoon, placed in the mouth (after cleaning the teeth and interdental areas) and worn a few hours – up to 6 at most. Sleeping with trays is not recommended. 
  • The procedure should be repeated every afternoon for 10-14 days until the teeth become the desired shade of white.

Important to know

  • Before any teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended to perform professional dental hygiene, during which the enamel surface is cleared of soft plaque and tartar is removed. This ensures that the whitening procedure will be safe and efficient.
  • Dead teeth, fillings and crowns do not get whiter, so filling and prosthetics must be done after whitening, to match their color with the new whiter tooth color. 
  • Do not whiten teeth with worn enamel in case of gingivitis, periodontitis.
  • When whitening teeth, it is recommended not to eat coloring foods (e.g. colored drinks, berries, black coffee, tea).
  • It is recommended not to smoke during teeth whitening.
  • Teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, patients under 18 years.
  • Teeth whitening is not a natural process, so teeth can become more sensitive. In this case, whitening can be stopped and resumed when the tooth sensitivity disappears.
  • Moderation is key when whitening teeth!


Will the teeth be sensitive after the whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening can cause short-term sensitivity of the teeth to thermal stimuli, pressure or touch.

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure and is it recommended for everyone?

Teeth whitening, performed in accordance to all rules and instructions, is a safe cosmetic dental procedure. It is always necessary to assess the condition of the mouth before whitening teeth. If inflammation of the gums, caries, poor fillings, untreated dental canals are noticed, it is advisable to postpone whitening. The teeth and oral cavity need to be treated first.

How long does the teeth whitening effect last and on what does it depend?

On average, after whitening with or without a cold light lamp, the effect lasts for 1-2 years. For a lasting result, dental care after the procedure is crucial. To keep Your whiter teeth it is recommended to perform professional dental hygiene twice a year,    avoid the use of coloring foods (black coffee and tea, brightly colored soft drinks, red wine, beets, certain berries -blueberries, cherries, raspberries, - tomato and soy sauces) and spices (e.g. curry).

S. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual mouth care instruction FREE
2 Teeth whitening consultation 8 Eur
3 Tray whitening system for at-home use (tray + whitening gel) 124 Eur
4 Whitening tray (for one jaw) 53 Eur
5 Teeth whitening in the clinic 150 Eur
6 Complex teeth whitening 304 Eur
7 Internal whitening of a dead tooth (first session) 57 Eur
8 Internal whitening of a dead tooth (repeated session) 20 Eur

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