Zirconium oxide is a high-grade prosthetic material that is used to make joints, teeth and other prostheses. It is found in the earth in the form of the mineral badeilite. Due to its strength and excellent aesthetic properties, it is ideal for dental prosthetics. Also, zirconium oxide is a biologically inert substance, so the body accepts it as natural, does not cause any allergies or other inflammatory reactions.


Advantages of zirconium ceramic crowns:

  • Zirconium crowns are so strong that they can be used for both anterior and molar prosthetics and withstand high biting loads;
  • Wear resistant;
  • Hard tissues of the tooth suffer less abrasion since there is no metal to be masked;
  • Zirconium crowns have excellent aesthetic properties;
  • There is no gray band at the edge of the gums, contrary to the metal-ceramic crowns;
  • Zirconium oxide does not cause allergies. It is a bio-inert substance that the body accepts as natural;
  • There is no inflammation of the gums around the zirconium oxide structures. This is important when placing the prosthesis on implants, because the crown is always in contact with the gums.