Although we live in a highly advanced world, the prevalence of tooth caries in children is not decreasing much. The most important thing that adults can do to for healthy teeth in children is instil a habit of thorough daily teeth-brushing.
One of the additional measures for the prevention of children’s dental caries is sealants.

What are sealants?

A sealant is like a liquid filling material that fills and seals the grooves of permanent molars, thus facilitating the cleaning of the teeth with a brush and reducing the possibility of pathogenic bacteria accumulating within them. As a result, the chances of developing tooth caries are reduced.

When is the best time for sealants?

It is best to seal the grooves of freshly erupted permanent molars. The optimal age of children for sealing is 6-14 years.

1. The tooth is polished with a fluorine-free polishing paste and the groove is dried for 30 seconds with a special material.
2. The sealant is poured into the tooth grooves and distributed evenly.
3. The sealant is hardened with a special blue light.
4. The hardness and resistance of the sealant are checked.


It should not be forgotten that sealants also need regular inspection and monitoring: over time, they can crumble, crack, or fall out. If this happens, the teeth are re-coated with sealants.

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