The specialists of our clinic focus on the prophylaxis to preserve healthy teeth in children and the treatment of teeth without stress or tension. In order to reduce the prevalence of children’s tooth caries, firstly we promote targeted at-home dental care, instruct the parents about it and remind them of the importance of regular visits to the dentist. 

Tooth enamel in children is not as strong as in adults, so if You notice even a small stain or other change, we suggest that You see a dentist immediately. The onset of caries in deciduous teeth develops very rapidly and can cause inflammation of the tooth pulp if not treated in time. The child then feels pain and therefore finds it intimidating to visit a specialist for tooth treatment. 

In order for the child to feel at ease in the dentist’s office, the parents also have a part to play. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a successful visit to Your dentist:

  • Select a time for the visit, appropriate with regards to the child’s daily routine.
  • Talk to a child (over 1 year old) about the visit. For example, say, “Tomorrow we’ll go to the tooth specialist to count them.”
  • Let the child bring their toothbrush. This will make him/her feel more confident having something of his/her own, and it will be easier for the dentist to find common ground.
  • Ideally, the first visit should be a preventive examination and not a toothache.
  • Radiate positive disposition towards the visit. After all, the child easily picks-up on the tension or negative feelings of the parents.
  • Do not tell Your child about Your negative experiences involving dental treatment, if any. Preliminary negative attitude towards dental treatment causes the child to fear and distrust the specialist.
S. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual mouth care instruction Free
2 Child teeth examination / electronic certificate 12 Eur
3 Deciduous tooth filling 30-38 Eur
4 Treatment of dental pulp / periodontitis (application of medication, 1 visit) 36 Eur
5 Sealing 18 Eur
6 F strength 6 Eur
7 Deciduous tooth removal 23 Eur
8 Glass ionomeric seal 24 Eur
9 Psychological preparation of a child for dental treatment (30min) 30 Eur