An attractive smile is extremely important. A smiling person feels free, communicates with confidence, creates an impression of trustworthiness and thus improves his quality of life.


In accordance with the principle of minimizing damage to the patient’s dental tissues, we apply the most innovative treatment solutions to restore aesthetics and function. One of such solutions is aesthetic micro-prosthetics. 


It is a range of minimally invasive procedures that allow You to change the shape, height, color, and size of Your teeth, thus creating a naturally attractive smile while preserving existing healthy dental tissue. 


When restoring anterior teeth , ceramic veneers are used (the tooth can be completely unpolished, i.e., all existing tooth tissues are preserved). Veneers are thin ceramic plates that cover the outer surface of teeth and thus create an aesthetically pleasing smile.


For molars, micro-prosthetics offers the restoration method of overlays . This method is used for a more reliable and long-lasting results when compared to generic filling or in cases where most of the chewing surface of the tooth is gone. 


Where does micro-prosthesis start?

  • During the consultation, we evaluate the condition, anatomy, occlusal function of the teeth, acquaint You with the course of the procedure and various nuances. Also, during the first visit, we take dental prints and take dental photographs, which are needed for the production of the dental project.
  • To ensure the highest quality and save Your time, a dental project is prepared in our own on-site laboratory. It helps the dentist and enables You to see what the preliminary shape of the teeth even before the procedure. In this way, You can participate in the creation of Your smile – see the possible result and adjust the project according to Your expectations and wishes. The veneers and other dentures made in our laboratory are of the highest quality and have an impeccable, natural-looking appearance.
  • Only when You are satisfied with a future dental project does a specialist begin dental preparation and the non-invasive prosthetic procedure.


What is the difference between aesthetic micro-prosthetics and aesthetic filling?

The goal of aesthetic prosthetics is the same as that of aesthetic filling, but this method is used in case of more significant defects - when it is no longer possible to restore the tooth with only filling materials. Metal-free ceramics or zirconium are used for aesthetic prosthetics.

How long does aesthetic prosthetics take?

Aesthetic dentures are tailored to each patient individually. The duration of prosthetics depends on the number of procedures.

How long can You enjoy the excellent results of the procedure?

In order for aesthetic prosthetics to be pleasing for a long time, it is necessary to follow the doctor's instructions and perform professional dental hygiene twice a year.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are special ultra-thin ceramic fiber plates that are fixed onto the surface of the front teeth to hide visible aesthetic imperfections and to create a very attractive "Hollywood" smile. 


Dental veneers can be used to correct indirectly growing or cracked teeth, cover interdental areas, equalize the colors of one or more teeth, and provide the desired whiteness and shine to the front teeth. These prosthetics stand out for their longevity and extremely beautiful results, allowing You to have a naturally white and sparkling smile.


S. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual mouth care instruction FREE
2 Metal-free ceramic crown (side / front) 415-435 Eur
3 Ceramic overlay/veneer (side / front) 395-445 Eur
4 Glass-ceramic veneer / overlay on a heat-resistant model 465 Eur