We want everyone to smile broadly and freely, but sometimes, for different reasons, we are not satisfied with the appearance of our teeth. One of the easiest and fastest ways to enjoy an attractive

The most common expectations and wishes associated with aesthetic filling:

    • making teeth look better, improving their shape,
    • adjusting color
    • correcting uneven teeth,
    • restoring worn out areas.

What can actually be achieved with this procedure:

    • eliminating excessive gaps between teeth,
    • changing the color and shape of teeth,
    • forming a new line of smile
    • masking the color of a dead tooth and adjusting it to match nearby live teeth,
    • removing stains of teeth,
    • restoring the worn edges of the front teeth thus rejuvenating the smile,
    • restoring a broken-off tooth so that it does not differ from others,
    • restoring a worn bite
    • making fillings invisible.

What is not possible with aesthetic filling:

    • to correct large, complex bite problems (in which case orthodontic treatment can help),
    • to correct tooth decay,
    • fill teeth that have excessive defects (they should be prosthetic),
    • fill teeth if the physician determines that the result will not be stable and / or the patient refuses to follow other points in the treatment plan that are necessary for a lasting treatment result.

Advantages of aesthetic filling:

    • Aesthetic dental filling is a painless and quick procedure.
    • During the procedure, the natural tooth tissues are preserved as much as possible, they are not abraded, so the teeth remain viable and the mucous membrane is not damaged.
    • Aesthetic filling helps to restore a beautiful smile, have healthy and white teeth.

How does aesthetic filling procedure go?

    • During the consultation, we evaluate the condition of the teeth, anatomy, occlusal function and acquaint the patient with the course of the treatment and other nuances. Also, during the first visit, we take dental prints and dental photographs that are necessary for the production of the dental project.
    • Local anesthesia is applied before aesthetic filling. Dental cavities of teeth to be filled are thoroughly cleaned.
    • The prepared dental cavities are filled with a material that hardens in a few seconds (a photopolymerization lamp is used).
    • The surface of the filled teeth is polished so that it is smooth and does not differ from the natural shape of the teeth. The final image is always in line with Your expectations.
    • The final result is visible 1-2 days after the performed procedure, because during this is the time it takes for the color of natural and aesthetically filled teeth to equalize.

Important to know:

    • All aesthetic filling restorations require regular professional maintenance and renewal.
    • The filling material tends to attract pigment, so a professional dental hygiene procedure every 6 months and special polishing of the fillings are required to maintain their appearance.
    • Proper care prolongs the service life and good appearance of aesthetic fillings.


What is aesthetic dental filling?

During the aesthetic dental filling procedure, the anatomical structure of one or more teeth is restored, gaps are eliminated and the color of the tooth is adjusted while preserving the largest possible area of ​​natural tooth tissue. 

Is the procedure painful?

Customer feedback on aesthetic filling shows that the procedure is painless, relatively fast and of high quality. Aesthetic filling is performed using modern technologies and high-quality specialized materials.

Will aesthetically filled teeth differ from existing ones?

The color palette of the seals is very wide and is selected individually in each case, taking into account Your expectations. Therefore, the color of the adjusted tooth may be indistinguishable from the others.

How long does aesthetic filling take?

In our clinic, aesthetic filling of one tooth can be performed in an hour. Immediately after the procedure, You can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. 

What sensations are possible after the procedure?

There are usually no unpleasant sensations after the procedure. If the bite is adjusted, it may take a couple of days to get used to the change.

S. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual mouth care instruction FREE
2 Diagnostic model of a single jaw 10 Eur
3 Tooth wax-up on a plaster model (1 pc.) 22 Eur
4 Application of the cofferdam system 10 Eur
5 Aesthetic tooth filling 125-206 Eur
6 Correction of aesthetic filling 31-69 Eur
7 Re-polishing of aesthetically filled tooth (only after PBH) (1pc.) 15 Eur
8 *More information about aesthetic filling: https://dantuestetika.lt/lt/naujiena/laminates-ar-estetinis-plombavimas
9 Functional filling of anterior tooth (biting edges only) 69 Eur
10 Functional filling of molar tooth 91 Eur
11 Mock-up of a future teeth 22 - 62 Eur
12 Mock-up - placing dental project of future teeth on 2-4 teeth for temporary wear 27 - 52 Eur