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Rent a flat for short stay

Apartment for rent in Kaunas

If you live outside of Kaunas, we offer not only a transport service but also the opportunity to stay in a spacious apartment located above the laboratory. Here you can settle down if your treatment lasts for a few days or if you want to relax and spend some days in the city. Comfortable communication, exclusive Zaliakalnis environment and the services we offer - you will be pleasantly surprised and comfortable. You can find out more about the apartment in this link.

 Aukštaičių str. 62A, LT-50284, Kaunas 

 +370 600 25559


 Dantų estetika


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Dantų estetikos klinika, UAB

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Director: Sandra Čepulkauskienė

Address: Aukštaičių str. 62A, LT-50284, Kaunas

Mobile:  +370 600 25559

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