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Immediate dental implantation provides a quick and painless result.

Quick implantation

Without the use of rough forces and movements, the patient removes the damaged, broken or unsuitable tooth with the entire root and implements the implant into the location of the removed root. Kęstutis Gronskis, a dentist-implantologist, was happy to tell about the peculiarities of this method. Kestutis Gronskis, a dentist-implantologist working in Implantology, Prosthetics and Dental Care Center "Dantų estetika" emphasizes that single-moment implantation is a minimally invasive procedure, as it usually does not make incisions in the gums, but only works in the area where it was removed tooth roots. "Root removal and implantation is done simultaneously, reducing surgical procedures and reducing the likelihood of unpleasant postoperative phenomena," says Gronskis. According to the doctor, unpleasant phenomena (bleeding, swelling, pain) are minimal after single-time implantation, but they are usually absent.

Another great advantage is the implantation period, which is almost doubled. When treating conservatively and removing the root normally, wait 3-4 months until the bone is completely removed in the root area. Only then can implantation be re-established for 2-3 months (or longer if bone augmentation procedures are carried out) until the implant engulfs the bone and such an implant can be prosthetically restored with a crown. Therefore, conservative treatment may take at least 5 months, and after a single-moment implantation procedure, this period will shorten and wait for about 3 months until the tooth crown is restored.

The advantages of the method are obvious K. Gronskis assures that no complicated bone and gum extension procedures are required during single-moment implantation. “Very often, until the bone is healed after a tooth root removal by a conservative method, it is also melting, so-called resorption. Therefore, even after the minimum healing period, an additional procedure for bone tissue extension is often required during implantation. Also, when the bone is melting, it stops and loses its appearance together, ”says the dentist-implantologist, who visited the ILAPEO Institute in Brazil at the end of 2017, where he deepened his knowledge of single-moment implantation during an intensive course. When choosing the method of implantation. Aesthetic image is one of the most important criteria. It is always better after single-moment implantation and prosthetics because hard tissues (bone) and soft tissues (gums) are completely restructured during the healing period. This results in extremely high aesthetic results, which is particularly important in the field of front teeth. K. Gronskis assures that almost always after a single-moment implant, it is possible to make and fix a temporary tooth or tooth on the implant for several months after the implantation. The temporary teeth hold the gums in place, they do not fall, and the temporary crown itself looks like a natural own patient's teeth. Single-moment implantation can also be used for the entire jaw treatment, when the roots are removed and at least four implants can be implanted, able to maintain a fixed temporary bridge (All on 4 technology).

The successful collaboration between doctors and dental technicians often means that this temporary 10 or 12 teeth bridge can be made on the same day as the implantation itself. Therefore, the patient does not wait for aesthetics and function for a long time. At the conclusion of a single-moment dental implantation dentist-implantologist Kęstutis Gronskis reminds that every person is individual, therefore each situation is different and unique.

The doctor is one of the best professionals in the field in Lithuania, he is in constant contact with colleagues from all over the world and based on scientific research, there are very few cases in which one-time implantation is not possible. The implant doctor should advise if your case is suitable for this procedure, so we kindly invite you to register for a free consultation at our clinic right now.

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