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Fast Dental Care in Lithuania    All Dental Services in One Clinic Although dental care and high-quality treatment - a topic relevant to each of us, most of you will agree that Lithuanians living abroad experience most of the challenges in finding a dental clinic that meets the challenges and expectations. High prices of dental services in foreign countries and the high quality of treatment services in our country are motivated to return and treat in Lithuania. But the question is, how can we solve all dental problems during one holiday in Lithuania? Answer - Book your time at the Dental Esthetics clinic during the upcoming holidays! Only in our clinic will you get the full range of dental services. This will not only guarantee the quality and guarantee of the services but will also save you a lot of time.


Clinic and laboratory in one place.          With our own laboratory and clinic, we can offer you exceptional dental prosthetics. First of all, in the case of a difficult dental situation, advice can be provided not only by a dentist but also by a dental technician - dental technician. In this way, you get the opinion of two professionals in your field, and together we get the optimal treatment solution. Secondly, prosthetics and the production of prostheses are areas of great care and diligence. In the manufacture of dentures, their application and colour matching may require several adjustments. These treatments are carried out during one visit to our clinic. You do not have to wait for the crowns to be sent to a laboratory in another location and to adjust the time of the new visit. In this way, instead of a few weeks, we can achieve the result much faster. This feature distinguishes us from 80%. the remaining Kaunas dental clinics.


Treatment of all dental problems.       At our clinic, you will be welcomed by 14 experienced professionals who will provide you with a full range of dental services. From dental care - oral hygiene, aesthetics, whitening, therapeutic procedures - to complex dental procedures in the fields of implantology, orthodontics, prosthetics, surgery. It is also important to note that in our clinic you have a team of professionals who have been selected and formed by direct dentists - dental technicians. So we promise that we will provide you with the highest quality and the most qualified services.


Accommodation and transport services.        If you come to our clinic from another city or return to vacation only for dental purposes - we have an exclusive offer on the market. Accommodation and transportation services! When you arrive in Kaunas, our driver will take you from the place you specified. We will provide comfortable accommodation in the apartments located in the premises above the clinic. Upon successful completion of the treatment process, our driver will drop you off at the train, bus station and airport. Want to balance your vacation and dental problems? Contact us!

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