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Dentists Congress in Netherlands

Sandra Čepulkauskienė participated Dentists Congress in Netherlands.

Sandra Čepulkauskienė, Head of Clinic of Dentists Congress in the Netherlands, has just returned from Amsterdam, where she attended the EuroPerio9 event. This is the 9th international congress that has become a tradition, inviting dentists, periodontologists, oral surgeons and oral hygienists to develop and share experiences. This year, the event attracted over ten thousand participants from all over the world to the Dutch capital. 73 specialists from Lithuania developed. One of them - the oral hygienist Sandra Čepulkauskienė, who just returned from the congressional knowledge about the news in the field of dentistry gladly shared with colleagues and clinical patients. In Amsterdam, the highest-ranking lecturers gave presentations and lecture topics covered the effects of dietary habits and their effects on the state of the mouth, the effects of bacteria and microorganisms on periodontal diseases, and clinical case studies, treatments, and implantations. According to the specialist, much attention was paid to the prevention of peri-implant and to identify the symptoms of the disease at the earliest stage. Speaking of warnings, S. Čepulkauskienė has repeatedly emphasized the variety of topics and the relationship between oral condition and lifestyle. For example, during the Congress, an interesting study was presented on the effect of overweight on periodontal disease. The data presented show that over the last 25 years worldwide, portions of food have increased, people's physical activity is decreasing and the number of overweight people is increasing. So a healthy lifestyle is one of the guarantors of a healthy smile. If you want to learn more about this or discuss with your oral care professionals daily the topics you are interested in, join the Facebook Group "Smiles''.

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