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Many people probably know that various ailments or illnesses can be identified by looking at the human mouth. One of these features is black, brown pigmented dental plaque, visible along the gingival contour, usually from the inside of the tooth. Sandra Čepulkauskienė, a dental hygienist, has taken hints on how to avoid unwanted plaque. Without being cleaned, the enamel color may change over time: enamel strips become brownish, brown, which can no longer be removed during hygiene. What influences the occurrence of such plaque? I will list the main reasons for this:

1. Increased gastric acidity (heartburn) - a racket of complaining frames, especially during sleep, stomach acids rise up and can reach the oral cavity.

2. Reflux - when the stomach contents rise, the acids in the mouth negatively affect the enamel, promote demineralization.

3. Frequent use of natural juices - natural pigmented substances in juices and acids, can lead to the accumulation of brown plaque. Such spots are often seen in pre-school children.

4. Consumers who often have a lot of green fruits and vegetables are welcome, but you should be aware that fruits and vegetables acidify your mouth's pH, and acids can weaken your tooth enamel. It is therefore recommended to rinse your mouth with water or to chew the chewing gum for up to 10 minutes.

5. Carbonated and sweetened fruit juices also stimulate the acidic environment in the mouth.

6. Pregnancy - During the first months of pregnancy due to hormonal changes, a woman often suffers from nausea or vomiting.

When the contents of the stomach enter the mouth, the pH increases immediately. Therefore, cleaning with a toothbrush after vomiting is not recommended as it removes the invisible protective layer of enamel that only resolves in saliva within 30 minutes.

How to reduce the effect of acids on teeth?

1. Rinse mouth with water.

2. After the food, chew the chewing gum for 10 minutes.

3. Avoid carbonated and sweetened drinks.

4. Take care of a healthy and balanced diet.

5. Use fluoride toothpaste.

6. Check with your dentist or oral hygienist regularly.


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