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About interdental toothbrushes


To care for your dental cleanliness, just use a toothbrush. An integral part of dental cleaning was interdental floss. But looking at the most recent long researches why caries are not diminishing, it has been noticed that the thread cannot completely clean up all the interdental. The most advanced tool is interdental brushes. These are small, cylindrical or trapezoidal brushes with twisted bristles. Their thickness diameter is varied to allow you to completely clean all interdental spaces. Brush sizes are best chosen by the oral hygienist. Prosthetic and scrub teeth surfaces in the interdental, gingival area have naturally formed small depressions that accumulate bacteria and plaque. These bacteria over time and affect the appearance of caries and gingivitis. When cleaning the thread, it simply slips through the recess and cannot remove the deposits there. The blade is suitable for use unless the front teeth do not fit in the interdental brush.

How do I use the interrogator brush? A brush of the right size is easy to insert in a straight line between the gums and pulled out in the same direction. Other interdental areas are also cleaned.

How Do Interdental Brushes Work? Brushing his bristles, his bristles clench, and unfolds in the recesses, reaching all surfaces, removing plaque and breaking down bacterial colonies.

Is the size of the toothbrush suitable? Ideally, the size can be chosen by the oral hygienist by measuring the width of the interdimeter with a special gauge. With the right size brush, you need to feel a little elasticity at the time of insertion and not to hurt. If not fit, do not crush the brush by force. Too small a toothbrush enters the interdimeter very easily, without elasticity, but then the bristles will not perform its function - will not reach the surface of the teeth.

How often to use? It is advisable to use brushing brushes once a day and it is best to do it in the evenings before cleaning your teeth with one tooth or a normal brush. Important to know! When you start brushing with a brush, you do not have to be frightened when you notice gingival bleeding. This way the bacteria are completely eliminated and the bleeding passes within 7 days.

More troublesome places can remain where carnivores, drooping, defective seals or dentures are left untreated.

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