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Professional oral hygiene

Sandra Čepulkauskienė
Dental hygienist, Clinic director

Professional oral hygiene- is the complex procedures to help maintain a healthy mouth and teeth condition. During this procedure, ultrasonic and mechanical removal of mineralized (scale) and soft dental patch. Pigment tartar cleaned air abrasion cutting-edge method (air-flow) using very soft soda pearls or glycine powder.

Then all the polished tooth paste and covered with fluoride or calcium-containing gels and further strengthen the enamel. Also, after the procedure, patients are trained that individual oral hygiene at home, they are individually selected interdental brushes, pastes and other dental care products.
Our hygienist advises professional oral hygiene performed at least 2 times a year, but at a more severe condition of oral tissue procedure is repeated every 3 months.
More frequent visits to the oral hygienist helps to maintain and control the teeth and surrounding tissue condition, previously seen in the resulting decay or other damage, and prevent them from spreading.
Our professional specialists will be happy to advise you and help you. Book an appointment with us by calling +370 657 48866 and we will schedule your visit.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Professional dental hygiene ( Full procedure + a Gift) 70 Eur
3 Air-flow teeth polishing procedure 44 Eur
4 Oral hygiene (one jaw, complicated) 57 Eur
5 Oral hygiene for children 39 - 45 Eur

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