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Digital X-ray photos

Digital X-ray photos

There are often situations when a thorough examination of the patient's dental condition at the first visit or treatment may not be sufficient just for an external oral examination. We use digital X-rays to help determine the position of one or more tooth roots, their canals, surrounding tooth or cavities.

This provides a wealth of information for the accurate treatment and for the patient himself.

A digital X-ray is taken while the patient is sitting in the dental chair and the resulting image is immediately visible on a computer screen. After the dentist can use the functions of a computer program to modify the images in the picture, measure the required segments and perform other examination functions.

Performing a digital radiograph is completely safe and reliable.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Digital X-ray photo 10 Eur
3 Panoramic photo of both jaws 16 Eur
4 3D Computerized Tooth Tomography (Single Segment) 40 Eur
5 3D Computerized Tooth Tomography (One Jaw) 50 Eur
6 3D Computerized Tooth Tomography (Both Jaws) 70 Eur

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